Urinary Catheterisation for Adults Clinical Guideline (307)


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For the purposes of this guideline, urinary catheterisation is described as an invasive procedure to enable the emptying of the bladder by the insertion of a specially
designed sterile tube (urinary catheter). A urinary catheter is a thin, hollow, flexible tube which can be inserted into the bladder either through the urethral or suprapubic channel.

Urinary catheterisation is associated with a high risk of infection and should always be performed by a HCP. Urinary catheters are inserted using an aseptic non-touch
technique (ANTT®) NHSGGC ANTT Guideline 2019 (under review)


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Acute / All Inpatient

Last reviewed: 27 January 2022

Next review: 31 October 2022

Author(s): Kirsteen Cameron, Karen Jarvis

Version: 3

Author Email(s): [email protected], [email protected]

Approved By: Board Clinical Governance Forum

Document Id: 307