Generalised Convulsive Status Epilepticus in Adults Management (1003)


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Convulsive status epilepticus (continuing or recurrent seizures over 5 minutes, or without recovery) is a medical emergency with a 16–39% mortality rate. There is a risk that seizures will cause cerebral damage if not controlled within 30 minutes of onset.

This guideline outlines the general management of convulsive status epilepticus in adults (those ≥ 16 years old) and is based on the SIGN guideline for diagnosis and management of epilepsy in adults and up-to-date trial information. Treatment may differ in individual clinical circumstances. Consult specialist guidelines for advice on the management of status epilepticus in pregnant patients.

The management of convulsive status epilepticus is outlined in the treatment pathway below, more detail regarding choice, dosage and administration of antiepileptic drugs can be found by following the relevant links throughout the document.


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Last reviewed: 07 July 2021

Next review: 16 March 2025

Author(s): Russell Hewett

Version: 1

Author Email(s): [email protected]

Co-Author(s): Emma Russell & Laura Stobo

Approved By: Medicines Utilisation Subcommittee of ADTC

Document Id: 1003