Covid-19 anxiety leaflet people with learning disability (846)


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Coronavirus has had a significant impact on the daily lives of everyone in the whole country. We have had to adapt to living in a changed world with every changing restrictions and this is challenging for us all. When you are caring for someone with a learning disability, you will likely experience additional stress and perhaps increased levels of anxiety. The following information aims to look at how you might be feeling and why you might be feeling this way. It also contains some advice about how to look after your own wellbeing during these difficult times, when you are also expected to be looking after someone else.


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Last reviewed: 26 August 2021

Next review: 14 July 2022

Author(s): Clare Clarke

Version: 2

Author Email(s): [email protected]

Approved By: Covid-19 Tactical Group (HSCPs)

Document Id: 846