Premenopausal Ovarian Masses, Gynaecology

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This guideline has been produced to assist clinicians with the initial assessment and appropriate management of suspected benign ovarian masses in premenopausal women. Up to 10% of women will have some form of surgery during their lifetime for the presence of an ovarian mass. In pre-menopausal women almost all ovarian masses and cysts are benign. The overall incidence of a symptomatic ovarian cyst in a pre-menopausal female being malignant is approximately 1:1000, increasing to 3:1000 at the age of 50. Pre-operative differentiation between the benign and the malignant ovarian mass in the pre-menopausal woman can be problematic with no specific tests. Exceptions are germ cell tumours with elevations of specific tumour markers such as alphafetoprotein (α-FP) and human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG).

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