Hepatitis B Reactivation Guideline (891)


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Hepatitis B virus reactivation (HBVr) refers to the abrupt increase in hepatitis B virus in patients with minimally active or resolved/cleared HBV infection. The loss of HBV immune control can lead to an increase in or the reappearance of HBV DNA and a rise in ALT. Liver damage due to HBVr may occur during immunosuppression and/or following immune reconstitution. HBVr may be subclinical or rarely may progress to liver failure or death despite antiviral therapy.


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Acute / All Inpatient

Last reviewed: 15 June 2020

Next review: 01 November 2023

Author(s): David Bell

Author Email(s): [email protected]

Approved By: GGC Viral Hepatitis Managed Clinical Network

Document Id: 891