Psychotropic medication - reviewing care home residents

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Who is this guidance for?

  • It is intended as a resource to assist medical and non-medical healthcare professionals’ decision making process when reviewing psychotropic medicines with Care Home residents, and where appropriate carers and welfare proxies e.g. those with power of attorney regarding health related issues.

What is in the guidance?

  • Quick reference guide for issues to consider bio-psycho-social factors identifying and when managing symptoms of stress and distress in dementia.
  • Provides information and considerations in relation to antidepressant, benzodiazepines, z-hypnotics, cognitive enhancers and mood stabilisers, and links to antipsychotic prescribing guidance in dementia

NOTE: This guideline is hosted on the NHSGGC MyPsych website. Clicking the link below will open the guideline in a new window.


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