Persistent or refractory hypoglycaemia in the neonate : a guideline for management

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This document is applicable to all medical, nursing and midwifery staff caring for the newborn in the West of Scotland. For advice on screening for hypoglycaemia and the management of transient neonatal hypoglycaemia, staff should refer to the guidelines entitled ‘Hypoglycaemia: term infants’ or 'Hypoglycaemia preterm infants' as appropriate.  

This guideline should be used for infants who require high levels of glucose intake to maintain normoglycaemia (>8mg/kg/min), or whose hypoglycaemia fails to resolve in the usual timescale of 2 days. The document should be used with reference to the appropriate pharmacy monographs.

NOTE: this guideline is hosted on the NHSGGC Paediatrics Guidelines website. Clicking on the link below will open the guideline in a new window.


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