Renal anomalies detected or suspected antenatally

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This guideline is intended to provide the following guidance:

  1. To outline which initial investigations are appropriate for congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract that have been identified, or are suspected antenatally.
  2. To identify when onward referral to the nephrology/ urology/ genetics teams is appropriate.
  3. To provide a time frame over which the above should occur.
  4. To identify infants requiring antibiotic prophylaxis whilst awaiting investigation.

It is possible that infants with severe congenital renal anomalies have already been discussed antenatally within a multidisciplinary forum; such infants may already have plans for management in place that should be adhered to. Where infants are referred for imaging or radionuclide studies but do not yet require referral to specialist services, arrangements for follow up should be made as per local protocol.

NOTE: this guideline is hosted on the NHSGGC Paediatrics Guidelines website. Clicking on the link below will open the guideline in a new window.


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